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Today we see the dream that is the Bishop’s School for Boys realized before our eyes, expanding to the far horizon, to become a tangible reality that will bring about new visions of the future.  Our road has not been an easy one, but every effort exerted throughout our journey has given us more motivation to rise above and beyond ourselves. Despair never touched us as we navigated the path ahead of us; we knew the destination held beauty within its folds. We looked deep within ourselves to stand steady, to grow ever stronger, yearning for what lies ahead. We knew in our hearts that we are establishing something worthy of our utmost endeavors.  

Our School will not use its extended past to justify the present and the future, nor will it stand still as the years go by. As we respect and value its history, we look forward to enriching its current status so that it may thrive beyond imagination. Therefore, we continuously make new history happen; history that will add to the luster of the past, and outshine all that we have achieved. In other words the Bishop’s School will force its way into the future with steady feet and confidant hearts to risk its all to write its future and not merely to see it pass by.

We at the Bishop’s School will stand for our soul, our collective memory and identity. We will stand for love, beauty, and goodness. We will dance to our secret music with joy! We will resist all that burdens the human spirit or our God given right to freedom; to deepen one’s understanding of his inner self and his human existence.

We instill hope and pledge to nurture it, to plant it with our bare hands and to water it from our very being. We will continue to embrace the present of our beloved country, as we embraced its past, and will continue to contribute to its prosperity and to see it flourish.’

Mrs. Haifa Najjar

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