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Performing Arts

In the Middle School, Drama is offered as a main subject in Grades 6-8 and as an option in Grades 9-10. In this course, students learn the art of acting, improvisation, theatre design, playwriting, and production techniques.

The school also offers Theatre Arts & Literature and Performance courses for IBDP students of Grades 11-12. In the Theatre Arts course, students are taught theories in drama, stage design, and production, in addition to the historical development of drama. This is a research-based course that is accompanied with live performances on stage in front of an audience. The Literature & Performance course incorporates the essential elements of Literature and Theatre, and aims to explore the dynamic relationship between the two. At the heart of the course is an interaction between a conventional literary emphasis on close reading, critical writing and discussion and the practical, aesthetic and symbolic elements of the Theatre.

The Educational Drama Workshop takes the students through a process of collaboration in writing of the play script and the skills of acting, directing, producing, designing, casting and managing the stage. The Workshop culminates in an annual performance in front of our students, families and friends as well as students from other schools.

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