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Knowledge Creation

The concept of training has been transformed into the concept of learning on the part of the teaching staff at ASG. Therefore, the school presents itself as a learning organization
Teachers are provided with learning opportunities through two simultaneous programmes, where the first depends upon our own teachers’ capacities to train, and the second is based on utilizing local and/or international expertise.

The first program:

  • Teachers attended specialized training workshops that can be held in a variety of educational areas that are selected by the teachers themselves and/or contribute to the General Academic Plan set by the school. The workshops are conducted by administrative staff and/or experienced teachers on teaching experiences, educational theory, or teaching methods that are beneficial to teachers.
  • The school’s IT Department undertakes the responsibility of conducting ICDL courses for teachers so that they can become computer literate and qualify in the age of technology where computer literacy is a significant survival tool.

The second program:

  • The school develops its staff to meet the requirements of academic programnes by sending them to professional development sessions to become accredited teachers by organizations such as the IBO, CIE and the British Council as well as the Ministry of Education.
  • The school hosts highly experienced education specialists to lead courses on up-to-date educational matters that it believes are of extreme importance. .

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