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Performing Arts

The Drama in Education Department aims at achieving educational objectives that are developmentally appropriate and creative in nature according to a well-devised set of strategies. In the Elementary School, students are divided into two age groups as follows:

  1. Grades 1-3
    The strategies used with this age group are story telling and imagination and guided imagination.
  2. Grades 4-6
    The above mentioned strategies are all used in addition to acting.
    These strategies are then used to perform a play using appropriate artistic and educational language. These plays show the students’ exceptional acting abilities. They are performed in front of the students in the elementary department to educate them visually, orally and emotionally.
    In the Secondary School, Drama is integrated with the English curriculum for students of "Grades 7, 8, and 9" where students learn the art of acting, improvisation, theatre design, playwriting, and production techniques.
    The Drama Department seeks to accomplish and reach educational objectives that are characterized by being developmental, preventive, creative and therapeutic, as well as teaching them clear and different strategies in drama.

Students are invited to unleash their imagination; they also begin to understand other perspectives as they perform characters adopting different views other than their own. The students are encouraged to perform both small and elaborate plays that develop their ability to communicate and express.

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