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Facilities – Learning Centers

The Central Library (Media Center)

Our central library is considered one of the richest and most enriching information centers and up-to-date libraries in Jordan. The central library/information center is at the heart of our school, specialized in supporting school curricula and the overall academic and co-curricular levels at school, in addition to serving staff and employees. In addition to the central library, which mostly caters for the middle and secondary schools, there are two subsections of the central library to cater for the different age groups: the Elementary School library and the KG library.

Sources of information at all libraries include periodicals, reference material, audio-visuals and online sources in addition to ebooks. The libraries are appropriately organized to facilitate locating and obtaining information by all users. We use both the International Dewey System of Classification in addition to the Anglo-American system. The school family can access our resources via Destiny, which is the program used by the library for ease of access. Library users have access to the program from school and at home.

In general, the library undertakes many activities among its responsibilities, such as:

  • Encouraging and assisting students to read and research; Holding an annual book exhibition;
  • Holding general information contests;
  • Hosting speakers and offering general and specialized lectures on a variety of topics; and
  • Holding reading sessions for Elementary and KG students by eminent authors of children’s books.

We are proud that the wide variety of sources and resources sufficiently outreach all of our school programmes and all our school community.


Computer Laboratories


The Computer Service Department is seeking to prepare the school students for optimal use of computers, their implementation in education and the provision of appropriate programs in various stages of students’ development. Moreover, the school seeks to achieve the highest amount of integration between the subjects through the activation of the role of computers in education.

In light of our aspiration to become an electronic school, we have linked the school with two DSL lines with a capacity of 2MB, in addition to obtaining the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) for one of the laboratories ,Hence, the school will hold examinations and formal sessions as it has already been licensed by the UNESCO.

We have also installed a set of interactive whiteboards in the first ten classes in the school, which has enhanced our transition towards obtaining teaching rooms that serve multiple objectives. In fact the rooms will be used as language laboratories, interactive classrooms (EASY CLASS) as well as fully equipped science laboratories that will allow students to conduct scientific experiments through the use of computers


Science Laboratories

The Bishop’s school has four well-equipped science labs for biology, physic, chemistry, and general science. All these labs are large and designed according to the latest international specifications in addition to being equipped with all the devices and the tools that are necessary to conduct scientific experiments. These labs are all accredited by the British Council for London and Cambridge Universities because the school offers both IGCSE and A-Levels and they are used as examination centers.
Now the labs are going to be fully equipped to also cater for IB students. Biannual class performances are held in the labs where elementary students conduct open-ended experiments or displays using their own chosen methods of presentation with the help of computers and/or the internet.
A science exhibition is annually held at the end of the year where both elementary and secondary students display their work

Facilities Learning Zone

Welcome, boys, to the Learning Zones! As your parents, friends, and relatives have probably told you, the world of English is an essential component in your education and future careers. At the Bishop’s School, you will start learning English immediately. It’s hard work and it’s fun. In the Learning Zones, we welcome boys with different learning styles (some like to read, others enjoy speaking and listening, while others enjoy using their hands (and minds) to create things.
There is room for everybody in the Learning Zones, where you will speak, learn, and think English. There are projects to do and books to read, and, there is the wide world of technology and information which you must master. Our classes are organized to offer you many different opportunities to read, write, listen and speak about different ideas and to connect them to Jordan and beyond. Ask yourselves: “Who am I?” “Where am I?” “How can I express myself to friends and strangers?” “How does the world work?” “How is my community organized, and how do I and my community share the planet with my neighbors?”
In the Learning Zones, we are making the PYP (IB Primary Years Program) happen! This is a challenge for us and for you. You will need to work hard to answer these questions, and many others. By the way, please, remember to bring your laptop to class each day; you will need it. Bring your Renzulli user name and password, too.

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