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Counseling Department

The school offers its counseling services to students. This service covers   psychological and social aspects of counseling in a preventive and therapeutic manner. The Counseling Department offers a comprehensive developmentally appropriate curriculum that covers the whole school. In addition, counseling services are offered through working with students individually and/or in groups.  Special workshops are also organized to tackle issues that are deemed essential for different age groups.
The Counseling Department at school aims to develop healthy, well-rounded characters and enable students to reach the potential abilities that enable them to achieve their goals. It also aims to instill the ability to cope with change on the part of the students while remaining true to themselves at all levels.
Furthermore, the Department conducts Time Management and Study Skills sessions for students as well as a PET (Parents Effectiveness Training Programme) courses for parents.




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Health Care

The school provides its students with medical care. This is attended to by the school doctor, who performs the following:


  • Examining students and referring them to specialists when necessary;
  • Performing physical and dental check ups at the beginning of the year;
  • Dealing with health problems pertaining to physical growth during adolescence;

Covering public health issues through planning student activities and lectures

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The School Nursery serves the children of the staff. It is located in a separate building, and it is well equipped for the welfare of infants and toddlers at the preschool stage.


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The school provides students who require this service with daily transportation that is organized in three rounds. A morning round for Elementary and Secondary schools, a second round for the elementary at 1:35pm , and a third round for the secondary at 2:45 pm.
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The Canteen

Students can buy healthy food and soft drinks from the school Canteen. A special committee to ensure the quality of all available food supervises the Canteen.


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Security and Protection

There is one main entrance to the school campus. It is guarded from morning until all students leave the school.  Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without getting permission from the administration. 


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Nowadays, there is no doubt that IT (Information Technology) is transforming every aspect of life, from business, work and education to shopping and entertainment.  Based on this reality, three years ago our school launched an electronic program to prepare our staff and students to meet any novel changes and handle new challenges which encounter the process of education and its management.

This coming scholastic year is not different than the previous one; it is indeed a continuation of the application of the same program and thus marked as a turnkey in integrating and updating technology and its applications in our school’s system by using an efficient and easily used e-school system.


Our E-School System is a comprehensive web-based software, which is designed to facilitate a better interaction between students, teachers, parents and administration. The software being web based makes it easily accessed and friendly used, which consequently enables all members involved to be in touch with each other at all times and helps making education a more practical and enjoyable experience.

Benefits of utilizing BSA e-school are:

  • Allows users (students, teachers, parents, and administrators) to manage their profiles and the services within given authorization .
  • Eliminates work duplication by making information seamlessly available to every department.
  • Reduces paperwork, improves work efficiency and accountability, and saves time.
  • Relieves academic staff from administrative workload.
  • Reduces result-processing and publishing time.
  • Increases parent-teacher involvement by improving communication


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