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IB Diploma Programme

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme


The IB Diploma Programme is a holistic one that provides students with a wide knowledge base in both the sciences and the arts, while simultaneously nurturing creativity and community service. The IB Diploma Programme consists of six major subjects which are: Studies in Language and Literature (Language 1), Language Acquisition (Language 2), Individuals and Societies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics and the Arts. Students choose one subject from each of the groups in addition to writing an Extended Essay, studying TOK (Theory of Knowledge), and fulfilling the requirements of the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) programme. Among the chosen subjects, at least three and at most four must be done at Higher Level.  

We at the BSA trust the IB Diploma Programme is in perfect harmony with our philosophy and educational policy as we both emphasize the need to teach students how to learn and how to think about their learning and evaluate it. In 2011, the BSA partnered with our sister school, the Ahliyyah School for Girls, an IB World School since 2001, and are currently offering a joint IB Diploma Programme to both boys and girls. 

The IB Diploma Programme is internationally recognized and widely accepted by all the leading universities worldwide. In fact, an increasing number of universities attempt to attract IB students through providing them with special allowances in order to join them. Some allow students to start at the sophomore level; some give students credit for their higher level courses; and some offer scholarships and other forms of financial support for IB Diploma holders.


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