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Middle School

Middle School (MS)

The MS serves students from 11 to 16 years of age.


The Middle School Program is based on both the Ministry of Education and international curricula within a framework that challenges students, enhances their ability to think in a critical manner, and helps them develop a positive attitude towards learning. The Middle School Program prepares our students to either join the IBDP program or the local Tawjihi program.

The language of instruction in the MS is English for all subjects except Arabic, Physical and Health Education, and Religion courses.

    Students in grades 6-8 study eight main subject groups:

    1-Language and Literature (English and Arabic)
    2-Language Acquisition (French and German)
    5-Individuals and Societies
    6-Physical and Health Education
    8-Arts (Visual Art and Drama)
    9-Christian and Islamic religion.

    Students in grades 9 and 10 study five main subject groups concurrently: 
   1-Language and Literature (English and Arabic)
   2-Language Acquisition (French and German)
   5-Individuals and Societies
   6-Christian and Islamic religion.

    In addition, students choose one of the following subjects:

    2-Visual Arts 
    3-Physical and Health Education 

 Middle School students  have their classrooms in the oldest building on campus and enjoy the energy and love that scores of generations have created and that still reverberates within its walls.  The Middle School Head, Department Heads/ Coordinators and a team of Year Coordinators oversee the daily running of the school and follow up closely on both academic and behavioral issues.

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The Drama Department seeks to accomplish and reach educational objectives that are characterized by being developmental, preventive, creative and therapeutic, as well as teaching them clear and different strategies in drama.

Students are invited to unleash their imagination; they also begin to understand other perspectives as they perform characters adopting different views other than their own. The students are encouraged to perform both small and elaborate plays that develop their ability to communicate and express.

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Physical Education

The Physical Education Department adopts the curricula set by the Ministry of Education, which involve fitness skill along with individual and group games. These skills are taught and reinforced through P.E. classes from K-12.
The sport teams of the Secondary School compete at school, national and international levels. The teams are trained and selected during extra-curricular activities from KG-12.
Our Secondary School teams are:

  • Basketball Team 
  • Football Team
  • Table Tennis.

P.E. clubs in the Secondary School are: 

  • Football Club. 
  • Basketball Club.

In addition, the P.E. Department organizes several camps to help mold the students’ personalities and familiarize them with different locations in Jordan.

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Community Service


Our school community is fully involved with our social and cultural community; we cultivate relationships with each other, our school community and encourage a ripple effect of concern and caring that will flow from our individual students into all those who surround them beyond their direct contact, and above all to actively support local agencies and projects which foster community outreach and development, to promote empathy with others and a sense of the ‘we’ concept as opposed to the ‘I’.
Our students are feeling the difference they can make as individuals by coming together with a common goal to create a community that is compassionate & benevolent. Students are encouraged to embrace, with passion and confidence, their responsibility to do their best, to support others and to make a difference by serving their communities, both locally and as a result in the world at large.


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University Counselor Office

The School University Counseling Office provides 11th and 12th Grade students with the following services:

  • offering advice, guidance and information that help students take appropriate decisions concerning their university studies in cooperation with parents;
  • providing students with brochures and information about different universities
  • organizing sessions where students meet with representatives of non-Jordanian universities;
  • organizing meetings with school graduates who study at Jordanian universities to allow for the exchange of ideas.

and following up on students’ application forms and recommendations for universities

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The Student Council

The Student Council at the Bishop’s is a student body that is democratically elected by the student body. Every year our students experience the full process of elections where two representatives of each grade level are elected in addition to a president and vice-president who are usually from 12th Grade.
Among the various activities of the Student Council are the following:

  • Fund-raising activities for charity.
  • Organizing and conducting school activities.
  • Participating in major school events such as the Open Day and Morning Assemblies.
  • Commemorating national and international occasions.

Since we strongly believe in the empowerment of man, we consider the Student Council to be the best educational experience and training opportunity for citizens of the future in order to learn decision-making, responsibility, organizational skills and critical and creative thinking skills. Members of the Student Council are elected through a very democratic process. Students are responsible to lay forward their colleagues’ problems and different issues to the council, where they are discussed and solved with the council and the administration in accordance with the school’s educational policy and regulations. The Student Council effectively participates in different educational and extra curricular activities. The members of the student council are always ready for openness especially towards the local society, taking into consideration its various aspects. They also aim at developing their characters to become responsible and self-disciplined individuals. Finally, the Student Council also enables the students to become aware of the various incidents taking place around them and teaches them how to deal with these incidents efficiently and successfully

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The Visual Art Department

The Visual Arts Department teaches the fundamentals of art for the different grade levels, through different techniques including mosaics, ceramics, sculpture and painting.  All the artwork is displayed at the end of each school year in a comprehensive art exhibition.
The Visual Arts department helps in designing the stage for drama performances and the different school activities, in addition to facilitating the participation of the students in different competitions inside and outside Jordan.


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Career Counselling

Career counseling provides tenth and eleventh grade and graduate students with services to make them aware of different career possibilities to help them make better career choices in the future.  Accordingly, the school arranges for special activities as a career day and programmes for fieldwork at recognized places during the summer and other vacations.
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Middle School Curricula

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